Mission 20FIFTEEN


The only way to describe my feelings for the sport of cycling is passionate. I love seeing the sun come up over the horizon and the dew that collects on my glasses in an early morning ride. It's the same feeling I get when I watch the greatest of the great compete each season. As the stories unfold from each race and victories accumulate the pedigree is established for riders and machines.


Over the last year I started this art project where I illustrate bikes that were ridden to momentous victories and became legendary feats of human will and strength. The process is lengthy. The first step is choosing the the right bike and rider to immortalize as a piece of art. Extensive research takes place to find accurate reference material. I use video footage, photographs, magazine ads. In some cases I have worked directly with the rider to be sure I capture all the details as accurately as possible. The bikes are digitally illustrated and when possible the athletes that rode them are consulted to ensure they are as accurate at the actual bikes.